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Nurturing The Business of Creativity

Ready to sprout?

About SEED Ambition

SEED AMBITION  is a platform dedicated to providing resources for growth and development of African creatives with careers and businesses within the fashion, art, design, beauty and media spaces. SEED A provides access to classes, networking, partnerships and financing to aid the needed structure and growth of successful creative businesses.


“…building my businesses has been a fulfilling but challenging journey, but building the next generation of successful creative entrepreneurs is my definition of ultimate fulfillment”


Serial Entrepreneur Andrea Iyamah, founder of SEED AMBITION

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The SEED Woman Seminar 2024

At SEED Ambition, we are dedicated to offering you comprehensive support through seminars, masterclasses, networking events etc. Our goal is to provide the structure and guidance necessary for your growth.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your growth and development as a creative professional. Sign up now to be alerted about upcoming SEED Seminars and events.

Why Join SEED A?


Our high-impact virtual/physical classes and resources are tailored to develop your knowledge and practical skills that can be applied to your personal, team and  business skills as a creative.


Interact with creatives like yourself, through SEED community building events, designed to nurture beneficial relationships to improve your career as a creative.


Learn from the most inspiring thought leaders in the creative industry! You get the chance to glean knowledge from our pool of industry experts across fashion, art, design, beauty, photography, videography.


Understanding the finance of your creative business can be tricky but it doesn't have to be. At SEED A through tips and classes, we’ll teach you about the money part of your creative business, how to fund, manage and most importantly build a profitable creative business.








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