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5 Key Elements of Branding by Sarah Diouf

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

About a week ago, we had the amazing Sarah Diouf on our first ever Creator Corner Series and with Andrea, she discussed "Beyond Business, Building a Brand". It was an amazing and inspiring time as Sarah took us through her brand building journey with Tongoro, sharing some valuable tips that we've highlighted for you.

“As a brand, it is very imperative to know your brand message as it defines who you are at the core, what you stand for and differentiates you from everyone else.”

“Find your core brand message”

The core of a brand is seen in its message and where this is absent, the vision of the brand is not known. Built on your vision for your brand, your message which is unique to you should clearly highlight your core values and mission.

As a brand, it is very imperative to know your brand message as it defines who you are at the core, what you stand for and differentiates you from everyone else.

“Brand Building is about communication”

Now your brand message is crafted, the next line of duty is ensuring that it effectively connects with your desired audience.

Beyond just selling your products or services, clearly communicating your brand message to your audience in a way that is relatable goes a long way in retaining their attention and loyalty.

From sharing stories to partnerships and collaborations, there are no limitations to how you can communicate your brand message, you just must ensure that your message clicks with your audience.

“Imagery is seductive”

In this digital age, imagery is how you draw people into your story. Knowing how to tell a great story that can catch the eye of anyone is key to selling your brand. A good hack for this is putting yourself in your customer's shoes. What kind of imagery do you think would draw them in enough to connect with your story?

Also, invest in great photography and videography as they lend visual appeal to your story.

Another thing of note here is consistency, it's super important to keep your imagery consistent as it helps your brand remain unique and recognizable.

“Think wide when thinking branding strategies”

When coming up with branding strategies for a new project, it's great to look at other brands that are doing amazing things even outside of your industry. Think outside of the expected.

Do not be limited in your thinking, branch out of the regular and what's specific to your industry and you will find that while industries may differ, a lot of branding strategies can be employed across board. For instance, branding strategies in the technology world can inspire strategies in creative arts, the possibilities are boundless.

Keep reinventing as a brand

Times are constantly changing and as such, it's important to reinvent as a brand and encourage flexibility while maintaining consistency so that your brand can survive across the years.

Top brands like Louis Vuitton, Coca-Cola, Nike and more have existed for years yet, they remain in demand and in style. They invest in reinventing and moving with time and as such, have created legacies that outlive their founders and generations rolled over experience.

The session was a really great one and the above do not even cover everything that she shared. That said, we encourage you to watch the full video on our IGTV on @seedambition, you will definitely pick up a few more pointers


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